The Process

Our process is simple and is outlined below, along with some of the areas we don’t purchase in. We encourage clients to always start with your very best price offer to save time for both of us. If you wish to discuss your offer before sending it over to us, you can do so by calling us on 01732 240161, or emailing However, we do encourage you to fill in the contact form first and provide as many details as possible to get us started. 

The Process

As Easy As 123

Step 1

Use our contact form, ensuring you are being as descriptive and accurate as possible with the information you provide us with. If you prefer, you can call us on 01732 240161, or email

Step 2

Please allow us 1-2 working days to review your stock offer and liaise with you if necessary. Please note this timescale may be slightly longer depending on the quantity/type of offer. 

Step 3

Once a deal has been agreed and you’re happy to proceed, we will arrange for removal of your inventory and an immediate, direct payment to yourselves.

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Tobacco & Vapes

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Used Stock

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Graded Stock

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Returned Stock

Our Process

Do’s & Don'ts

Generally, it's hard to imagine something we wouldn’t buy, as long as the price is viable for both parties. However, unfortunately there are some areas we don’t purchase in.

These include: