Our Services

We do our very best to work with clients, offering a range of services, to cater to as many needs as possible. We aim to build long term, working relationships with our customers, rather than one off ‘one and done’ type deals. We will find a solution, to make the process as seamless as possible. 

Our services

Excess/Surplus Stock

Simply need to clear some unwanted inventory? Look no further. We have many years of experience of both selling and disposing (if necessary) of any excess/surplus stock you may have. No matter how small or large the parcel, we will always do our best to find your stock a new home! We are able to offer you a great price on your stock and resolve all collection and delivery requirements so you don’t have to.

Our services

Brand Censorship (De-Labelling)

We understand that in some instances a Brand’s reputation and values are very important and don’t want to be jeopordised. If necessary, we can arrange items to be de-labelled, repackaged and made viable for resale, as well as censoring or removing certain search terms/brand names from our online store.  As we sell most stock ourselves, you can also put your mind at ease knowing that your Brand won’t be sold at a bottom end price somewhere further down the line.

Our services

International Export

Although most of our deals are done here in the UK, we have also built a large clientele both in and outside of the EU. This knowledge allows us to look at any stock you may have overseas, and easily arrange transportation without any hassle. We can also cater for any export only parcels you may have on offer.